MMCZ Involvement

Market Development & Maintenance

  • Develops new markets for Zimbabwean minerals
  • Maintains and grows existing market share in strategic markets
  • Promotes minerals produced in Zimbabwe.
  • Checks and confirms mineral specifications before export through grading, evaluations or sampling and analysis or combination of any of these.

Sales Contracts

  • Negotiates enters and administers the implementation of sales agreements in keeping with the provisions of the MMCZ Act.

Product Distribution

  • MMCZ is responsible for the monitoring of markets and the physical movement of the product from the mine location to the point of sale;
  • Consolidates Cargo from various producers for onward exports to assist small scale miners to achieve (Economies of scale)
  • Negotiates logistics contracts
  • Arranges warehousing facilities
  • Do export clearance of all mineral exports, except gold and silver.

Advisory Services on Mineral Marketing, Beneficiation and Value Addition

  • Gives advice on mineral marketing, beneficiation and mineral value addition
  • Gives policy advice on mineral marketing, beneficiation and value addition