Our Vision

A prosperous economy premised on mineral resource accounting by 2030

Our Mission

To maximize returns to all our stakeholders through efficient marketing services and national mineral resource accounting.

Core Values

  • Fairness- Impartial and just treatment without favoritism or discrimination
  • Accountability- Taking ownership of one’s responsibilities and actions
  • Commitment- Dependability and passion for one’s job
  • Integrity- Consistent and transparent high moral standards
  • Innovation- Striving for continuous improvement
  • Teamwork- Unity of purpose to the good of the whole

Our Functions

  • To act as the sole marketing and selling agent of all minerals produced in Zimbabwe
  • To purchase and acquire any minerals for its own account and to sell such minerals
  • To encourage local beneficiation and utilization of any minerals

Marketed Products

The minerals that the Corporation markets are
categorized into three major groups, namely: Metals, Industrial Minerals, and Gemstones. The major minerals in each category are;

Metals: High Carbon Ferrochrome, Platinum Group Metals, Nickel and Steel, etc.

Non-Metals: Diamond, Emerald, Petalite, Coal. Coke, Vermiculite, and Aquamarine, lithium, uranium, coal, and coal bed methane gas.

The MMCZ Act

An Act to establish the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe and to provide for the functions, powers, and duties thereof; to provide for the constitution, functions, powers, and duties of the Minerals Marketing Board; to provide for the control and regulation of the export, sale and stockpiling of minerals; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing.